Wednesday, December 27, 2006

A Christmas Gift!

This is a Christmas present I got from my son! He is so sweet! He is 17 & this was really his first time getting gifts for me on his own. He knew I like things that have the antique style to them & that I love to tuck things away in little boxes & such. He got me this beautiful wooden chest & told me it was from Latin America & he thought I could use it for my sewing things…. what a sweetheart!! I think this will be perfect for all my stitching fabrics & it is plenty deep enough to hold all that I have + some!! This chest will always be very special to me & I can see it being a heirloom for my grand children! Also another gift I got was a day lamp with a magnifier & chart holder on it ( now I will be able to see my stitching & maybe get more stitching done) We had a very nice Christmas :-)

I stitched some more on my BC Snapperville today & have the 6th square almost complete, and then it will be on to finishing the border. When I was getting ready to stitch a certain part, I went to grab one of the WDW floss & it wasn’t there with all my floss…so looks like I have misplaced the floss somewhere & I will need it to finish my a hunting I will go into my sewing room & see if I can find it before the year is up!!

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

My First Blog!


This is my first blog & I am not sure how to blog, but I will give it a try! My blog will be mostly about my stitch projects. I am not sure if I will post daily or not, I will just see how this will go :o)

I have been trying to finish my BC Snapperville I started it in March, but then it was set aside & now I would like to have it done by the end of this year, that is only 5 days away (yikes)!! I am stitching on the last of the 6 charts & just have some boarder to finish & then I will be Happy Dancing!! Here is a picture of my last WIP!