Thursday, January 4, 2007

BC Snapper SAL Starts!!

I would like to wish a very "Happy Birthday Kyle" my son who turned 18 today :-)

WooHooo!! Today is the start of the BC Snapper SAL with Mary Ann! I have decided to stitch mine on ivory 28ct with all DMC threads & I think it will turn out really nice! I probably wont post a picture for a while; there won’t be much to post today! Mary Ann & I have decided we will stitch on Tuesdays & Thursday for our SAL, so that way we have other days to do our other stitching! I would like to get the January Square done by the end of the month & the border around that square! I am excited to start & my needle is ready to start

Last night I stitched on my LHN “Home of a Needleworker” I started it back in Oct or Nov & it got put to the side because I just had way too much going on for the Holidays. I decide to take a picture of my WIP & post it on the side bar under WIP, I think it will give me an incentive to get it done! I did get quite a bit done on it the last 2 nights & will stitch on it again on Friday. I want to get this one finished & get it framed & hung on my wall as soon as I can. I have the perfect spot for it in my house. When you walk in the front door, we have like a foyer & the first wall you see is where I would like it to hang! Once I get this one done I would like to either start on “Two Blue House” by LHN or “Forest Snowfall” by CCN both of these were Christmas gifts from friends & it will be a hard decision to make at which one to stitch first, because I love them both!!

Yesterday was a sewing day for me. I am making some Tiny Tucks for a stitch exchange on one of my MB’s the theme for this tuck exchange is Valentines! I found some really cute fabrics & can’t wait for the ladies to get tucks & see what they stitch for their partner! These exchange are so much fun!

Happy Stitching!


Mary Ann said...

Home of a Needleworker is looking very nice! And, I can't wait to see my tiny tuck for the exchange. :-)

Julie said...

Happy Birthay Kyle, hope you have a wonderful day. Looking forward to receivng my tiny tuck Joann, you're a star for doing this for us all. {{hugs}}

Karen said...

Nice start on the Home of a Needleworker.
I hope your son had a good birthday