Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Lil' Snowwoman

Here is a little snowwoman I stitched up today to complete my Feb. goals! This was a fun little one to stitch up. It is "Lil Snow Lights a Candle" it was a freebie I got awhile back! There are a few more that are like this & I am thinking of maybe stitching them also! I haven't decide how I want to finish this one!

With a new month aproching, I am ready to start on my March BC Snapper, so I will begin stitching that next week :) This weekend I would like to concentrate stitching on LHN "Home of a Needlework" the house is taking longer then I thought it would!

Until nxt time...Happy Stitching!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

2 Finishes!!

It has been awhile since I posted & I have been busy! I made the tucks for the TS “Sweet Spring” tuck exchange I got them all sent out to the ladies & now I can’t wait to see what they stitch for them!! Also I wanted to concentrate on my goals for the month. I got 4 of them done so far & I might be able to do a quick Ornament tomorrow evening if I find a small enough one to stitch..LOL If not I will be happy with what goals I got done for the month :-)

Here is my very first pinkeep WooHoo!! It is the Bee pinkeep from the Gift of Stitching online mag. Design by LHN & CCN. This was a very nice one to stitch up & I like the way it turned out! I stitched it on 28ct natural linen with DMC floss & I had some pretty spring fabric for the backing. I was going to use cording, but decide on the ribbon instead. I had fun putting this one together & I am sure I will be making more of them soon :-)

“May Luck Bloom For You” This is what I decide to stitch for the TS Stitch-N-Swap! It is a SMO freebie from last year; I stitched it on 28ct Mint linen with DMC floss. It was a very quick stitch, just the way I like them ;-) I hope the person that receives likes it :-)

Until next time! Happy Stitching!

Friday, February 16, 2007

BC Snapper Feb Square!!

I finished my BC Snapper Feb square the other day! This was a fun one to stitch up! Now I am ready to move on to the March square & will start on it on the fist Tues. of March! Now that I have my Feb square done, I can move on to some of the other projects I have lined up for this month…. looks like half the month of Feb. is already gone! I guess I better get my needle smoking if I am to get my goals

I am working on my SAL Bee Pinkeep & have it almost done! It is stitching up really quick. I will post a picture once I get it done into a pinkeep. I also will start stitching on my Feb Stitch-N-Swap this weekend. The design I picked out for it, should be a quick stitch, just the kind I like..LOL

Also I wanted to share with you the tuck I stitched for my partner for the "Tucks Of Love" exchange I was in! She has received her tuck so now I can post a pic. of what I stitched for her! I just love the little heart I stitched for this one & she really liked it! These exchanges are so much fun & I really enjoy sewing the tucks for all the ladies & then seeing what they stitch for the tuck! :o)

Until next time, Happy Stitching!

Monday, February 5, 2007

1 Goal Done & A Finish!

I managed to mark off one of my goals for the month :) On the TS MB there is a Heart SAL & we needed to stitch a single heart & I found this cute little one from a San-Man freebie from last year! Being inspired by Becky Bee’s finishes & thought I would make it into a needlecase! This is my very first attempt at making a needlecase & I think it came out really great! I am sure I will be making more of these real soon :)

Also I finished stitching “Making A New Friend”! This is one of Vee’s Stitch‘N Frame kits. Isn’t it so cute!! I stitched this on 28ct. white opalescents fabric & used CPR floss that came with the kit! This was such a fun stitch to do & now I can’t wait to get it in the frame!! I will get some mounting board this week so I can get it framed & then I will post a picture of it!!

Thanks for visiting!
Happy Stitching!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Stitching Goals!

How many really set stitching goals? This was a question I asked myself the other day & really thought about it & decided to try some stitching goals for the month of February! Now I am one that really never sets any kind of goals for my stitching, because I just like to stitch when ever & what ever I feel like. In January I was able to get 2 projects done, but not as many I was really was hoping for. But still I was able to stitch a lot more then I thought I would so that is a plus!! Maybe if I had set some goals set for January I would have got more done!! I have so many things I would like to stitch & get some WIP’s done that maybe if I had them etched in stone (sort of speak) I might get more finished! For the month of February, there are a few project ideas on the TS MB that I would like to participate in & I have 2 SAL’s to do this month, so I think I am will give it a try & set up some stitching goals :) I have added a February Stitching Goal list on my side bar & will mark them off as they get done! Wish me luck for my first attempt!! If all goes well I will be adding more goals for each month!

Also I got my “Tuck Of Love” exchange mailed off to my partner the other day & can’t wait for her to get it!! I think it came out really nice & I just love the tuck fabric I used for it! Once she receives it I will post a picture!

I am just about done with “Making a New Friend”, I have a little more backstitching to do & then I will be done & will post a picture soon! I just love this design it is too cute!!!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!