Saturday, February 3, 2007

Stitching Goals!

How many really set stitching goals? This was a question I asked myself the other day & really thought about it & decided to try some stitching goals for the month of February! Now I am one that really never sets any kind of goals for my stitching, because I just like to stitch when ever & what ever I feel like. In January I was able to get 2 projects done, but not as many I was really was hoping for. But still I was able to stitch a lot more then I thought I would so that is a plus!! Maybe if I had set some goals set for January I would have got more done!! I have so many things I would like to stitch & get some WIP’s done that maybe if I had them etched in stone (sort of speak) I might get more finished! For the month of February, there are a few project ideas on the TS MB that I would like to participate in & I have 2 SAL’s to do this month, so I think I am will give it a try & set up some stitching goals :) I have added a February Stitching Goal list on my side bar & will mark them off as they get done! Wish me luck for my first attempt!! If all goes well I will be adding more goals for each month!

Also I got my “Tuck Of Love” exchange mailed off to my partner the other day & can’t wait for her to get it!! I think it came out really nice & I just love the tuck fabric I used for it! Once she receives it I will post a picture!

I am just about done with “Making a New Friend”, I have a little more backstitching to do & then I will be done & will post a picture soon! I just love this design it is too cute!!!

Until next time, Happy Stitching!


Julie said...

Good Luck with your stitching goals for February Joann

there are a couple of there that i have to do too, as well as 2 other SAL's LOL

looking forward to seeing your tuck and design

love and {hugs}

Shari said...

I hope you can do it JoAnn! I don't really set stitching goals, but I know I have to do my ornament for one group each month, I have to do my model for Sassy & then there are the WIP that keep me going. And then, there are always those quick pieces that JUMP & say STITCH ME NOW!!!!!!
Thanks for checking out my blog!!! I have got to figure out how to know when other people post new comments on their blogs. Sure would make it easier on me!!!!

Karen said...

I find if I set goals its like the kiss of death on that project, I just will not want to stitch it for some reason :o)

Jacqui said...

Last year I tried the goals thing but then kept forgetting to write them down. This year I'm trying to stick to some sort of rotation and it's sort of working. Once the RR's are out of the way I have a set day for each project.

Mary Ann said...

Good luck with your February stitching goals, JoAnn--I know you can do it!!!